• Locally Sourced

    Everything from Cloven Raw Dog Food is ethically sourced! To take it a step further, we do our best to work with small, family-owned operations and always look first to find what we need right here in Texas.

  • All Organic

    Farm fresh, pasture raised, grass fed, organic Texas beef, lamb, quail and rabbit! All of our Cloven Raw products are organic and natural. They are free from any kind of genetic modifications or enhancements.

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    Premium Quality

    Quality is important and that is exactly what we offer. Each meal is hand crafted in 100lb micro-batches. Rest assured knowing your dog is getting premium quality!

Farm Fresh Raw Food

A fresh ingredient, raw diet promotes optimal health for our pets.

Whole-animal meat, organs & bone provides a diet that is packed with nutrients that are vital for your carnivore pet.

Carnivores are designed to eat a raw diet. Raw diets provide optimal nutrition, just as nature intended.

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Local Pick-Up / Delivery

Hey, y'all!! ! Local pick-up is available, and we’d be happy to meet you. Pick-up can be easily scheduled when you contact us to make your order
We currently deliver to: Austin, DFW, Houston, Tyler, Texarkana, TX, Heartland Resources in Edmond, OK; as well as to Hot Springs, Little Rock, and Jonesboro, Arkansas. Check out the Delivery Schedule page to see when we will be in your area next!

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Glowing Health

Be prepared for vibrant health and happy pets when they are fed truly fresh and organic raw food. Friends and family may ask you “What do you feed your dog?!"

Exact Ingredients

DIY raw means you can create each meal specifically to meet the needs of your pet.

By taking charge of your pet’s meals, you can control each and every ingredient.

Customized Meals

When you decide to feed your pet a DIY raw diet, you are able to create customized meals which include ingredients that meet your specific pets' needs, and exclude everything they don't.